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NEW: ka-Map 1.0 is finally out! Thanks to everyone who contributed in any way.

ka-Map ("ka" as in ka-boom!) is an open source project that is aimed at providing a javascript API for developing highly interactive web-mapping interfaces using features available in modern web browsers.

To see some examples of ka-Map! in action, please visit Ominiverdi's' wiki page.

ka-Map has a number of interesting features. It sports the usual array of user interface elements such as:

  • interactive, continuous panning without reloading the page
  • keyboard navigation options (zooming, panning)
  • zooming to pre-set scales
  • scalebar, legend and keymap support
  • optional layer control on client side (layers are made visible instantly but at reduced performance due to more images, and potentially slower browser interactivity)
  • testing. ka-Map needs to be as stable as possible in all modern browsers. Please report success or failure of ka-Map in any browser
  • features and bugs. ka-Map needs an active community of developers to help resolve problems and add new features. CVS commit access is restricted but is available to those that are honestly interested in contributing. Even so, anyone can contribute by reporting errors or suggesting new or changed features on the mailing list, or by sending code patches to the mailing list. They'll be considered and added to the CVS version as soon as possible
  • Documenters. Documentation is lacking and contributors are needed to help with the developer's API (for maintaining and extending the core), a user's guide to integrating into a mapping application, and a user's guide for end user functionality.

If you use ka-Map for your projects, you can include an affiliation link using the cool 'powered by' logo:


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ka-Map 1.0 is now available. Download Now!

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