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ka-Map - CVS

The ka-Map source is maintained in the MapTools CVS repository. The most recent source files are available there at any time, as well as all the previous versions' files. CVS access is for developers who intend to work on the source themselves.

Anonymous CVS Access

CVS root

Below is the CVS root path:



There is no password for anonymous CVS access, i.e. just hit return with an empty password when doing a 'cvs login'

Checkout Modules

You must checkout the following modules:

  • "ka-map"

There is no password for this module

There are currently two versions of ka-Map. The current development version is available in the HEAD branch of cvs (you don't need to do anything special to get this branch, its the default branch). The slightly more stable but older version is available in the branch-0-1 branch. This version has mostly the same code but its all in one html file

CVS Commit Access

For those developers who would like to contribute directly to the ka-Map project, please ask on the ka-Map users mailing list and you'll probably get an account

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